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About V.R.E.R.A

VRRA is a certified 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, founded and run by Veterans,assists Veterans who are incarcerated or re-entering into the community seeking another chance. VRRA provides quality services for each Veteran’s successful  transition to a productive citizen of the community.

VRRA is committed to advocate for incarcerated Veterans and the community at large and ensure that veterans’ needs are respectfully addressed. VRRA also educates and provides other services for the families of the reentry community to aid them in developing self-improving lifestyles.


Our Mission

VRERA’s mission is to have an impact on reducing recidivism in Delaware. VRERA’s vision is to provide quality Veterans-specific outreach and pre-release services to reentry Veterans, by mentoring and supplying a bridge to reintegrate Veterans with the VA Medical Center.


Our Staff


Roger Bungy -


Veterans Re-Entry Resource Alliance


Dave Mosely - Director

Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans







Our Programs
Learn Programs
Re-entry Programs
Life Skills Programs



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